My Tamagotchi Forever is a mobile application based on the all-time famous hand-held game: Tamagotchi.
This mobile version of Tamagotchi allows you to collect all Tamagotchi characters and play various mini games with them to keep them healthy and entertained.

Technology: Unity3D C#
Platform: iOS and Android
Date: March 15, 2018, whereof my contributions were from October 2023 until January 2024

My responsibilities:

After My Tamagotchi Forever got released we got asked to do an important maintenance update to keep the game up to date with the latest technologies. This meant I got taken accountable for updating the project to use the latest technologies and update the integrated SDK’s to prevent deprecations. This implied various refactoring processes as the game was not updated for a few years. So did we fully revisit the AR mechanics and updated the entire analytics integration and more.

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