Cardparty is a card game similar to Spite and Malice or also known as Skip-Bo. It’s a fast phased game which with multiple techniques to play and thereby very fun!
is one of the games that has been in the GamePoint portfolio since 2013. In 2020 I got the assignment to port the web game to be also playable on mobile.

Technology: Unity3D C#
Platform: iOS & Android
Date: March 2020

Download here:


My responsibility

I had a big responsibility while developing Cardparty. I was the only programmer working on it from concept to release.
At GamePoint we wanted to port some of the popular web (flash) games to mobile. Because I was the only one at that time who had most experience with GamePoint code base, I got the assignment together with one designer to port Cardparty to mobile.

See here the state of the game how I initially fully developed it:

After the initial release I’ve been partially maintaining this game by updating necessary SDK’s and plugins but no major updates until late 2021.
Late 2021 we introduced a vanity system we’ve developed during BattleSolitaire to allow users to send quick chats to each other and show themselves off by having an avatar frame.