WordTornado is a very fun word board game! It’s similar to famous board game named Scrabble! This game makes me go back to my roots. Because my grandmother loves to play scrabble! I learned many dutch words by playing scrabble with my grandmother, and now I can play against her on our phone and tablets!

Technology: Unity3D C#
Platform: iOS & Android
Date: July 2020

Download here:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamepoint.wordtornado

My responsibilities:

During development of Wordtornado I was the only developer in the team. After I ported Cardparty from web (flash) to mobile I got assigned to do the same for Wordtornado. So therefor I had full responsibility to develop this game.

WordTornado was very challenging. Fitting a full board game on mobile phone adds a lot of complexities! So did we implement zoom in/out functionalities to optimize the readability and accessibility of the play-field! It’s lots of fun to see our WordTornado web fans now also playing on their phones and tablets!