Cut the Rope Remastered is a remastered bundle game of the famous Cut the Rope franchise. This game consists of hundreds remastered levels including new features such as a progression system where you unlock new books and mini-story cards. But also retention mechanics such as a board game for special levels and a daily mission system.

Technology: Unity3D C#
Platform: Apple Arcade (iOS, TvOS, MacOS)
Date: April 2, 2021, whereof my contributions started from September 2022 until October 2023

My responsibilities:

During my one year working on this project I have had the responsibility to work on various systems, adding new content for the game and maintaining to keep up to date with latest technologies.

So did I contribute to the new boardgame feature we released in November 2022, which we then iterated further on by adding new content to the boardgame on each update (consisting of new board tiles, special levels and more).

Beside the content contributions, one of my main responsibilities were developing new systems. So did I refactored and updated the scene navigation system to solve bugs but also enhance performance. I worked on various development tools to enhance productivity. As example, so did I develop a simulation tool that could run the board game millions of times to receive a result. With this result designers could balance the game economy and enhance player experiences. This simulation also got integrated in unit tests to assert when thresholds are reached to warn us before publishing new content.

Together with adding new content and systems, I also been taken accountable for making sure the game runs on the latest technologies and all SDKs are up to date to prevent deprecations.

Download here:

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All levels compared to old versions.

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