Race against ferrum gigantes

  • 72 hour ludum dare game jam.
  • Unity3D C# – Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • April 21-24 2017

My first game jam participation!
With the theme ‘a small world’ Bram and I decided to create a city planet taken over by ferrum gigantes (Latin for ‘steel’ ‘giants’).
You as the soul surviver have to dodge all the ferrum gigantes and race through the city to collect points. When a ferrum gigantes hits you with his stomp, you’ll be destroyed!
Bram and I had a steady communication with 16 hour + skype calls.

Code / features:
– Faux gravity
– Race mechanics
– Car radio with 3 channels
– Car movement
– Car drifting
– Slip trail
– Slip and burnout particle smoke
– Enemy animations
– Enemy pathfinding
– UI animations
– Audio options (Auto save)
– UI car speed notification
– UI Score and radio status

Ferrum gigantes models are inspired by a classic disney movie: The iron giant.

Process: 72 hour
Programming: Justin Scott Bieshaar
Art: Bram Nijland
Itch.io: https://justinbieshaar.itch.io/race-against-ferrum-gigantes
Ludum dare post: http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/iconified/36639/view.html
github: https://github.com/jscotty/scottyadventur

Video recorded by larry chapacabra: