Smith and spy

  • Pre exam project.
  • Unity3D C#
  • March 2017

Before starting my official exams, I have been assigned a very much fun project.
We had to create a game with a mechanic of a certain board game provided by the exam client. My team and I really liked the board game ‘Saboteurs’ which is a dutch board game searching for gold. To achieve this everyone has to connect a path card till it reached a casket (with hopefully gold). But there is one person trying to block these paths.

We brainstormed about the blocking method and decided to make a game like ‘over cooked’ but with a twist that someone has to block/destroy objects.

I really enjoyed working on this project within a short period of time.

Beside of being responsible of the class diagrams and documentation for my test exams, I have also made these –
– Player movement
– Xbox controller interface
– Xbox controller input
– XInputDotNet integration
– Main menu
– Particles
– Shader effects
– Camera movement
– Spawn behaviour

Link to my post mortem of this project.

Process: 2 weeks
Programming: Justin Scott Bieshaar, Rocky Tempelaars
Art: Bram Nijland, Noel Karremans, Nick schaatsbergenNoa van BentemMitch Rijkse