BattleSolitaire is a fun twist on the old classic solitaire card game. You play against an opponent on the same foundation field in real-time making it very competitive! The first player who plays all their reserve cards or highest points after end timer is finished wins.

Technology: Unity3D C#
Platform: iOS & Android
Date: July 2021

My responsibilities:

During development of BattleSolitaire I’ve had multiple responsibilities. So did I led the team of programmers realizing both pre-production and production phases, initial project setup and technical communications. This consisted of guiding the team on technical depts, design systems and do frequent code reviews. But also setting up the production environment consisting of server to client communication, ODR systems, gameplay systems such as formatting, dragging and placing virtual cards on the screen, a vanity item system and a in-game event system and more. All of these systems contained remote configurability as well.

Besides that all I also been taken accountable to keep the game up to date with the latest technologies and SDK integrations remained up to date to prevent deprecations.

Download here:

See a raw gameplay video: