Elastic Collision with multiple balls

  • Spare time project
  • Java
  • August 2015 – Spare time project.


At college in math class I had to made an elastic collision effect with two balls in Action Script 3.0. I really liked this topic and continued on it while my summer break.
I made this elastic collision after researching everything about it in Java.
To make this topic more fun I decided to make a playable prototype.

Code / Game features:
– multiple balls
– Mass
– draw balls (bigger is more mass)


Process: 2 nights
Art and programming: Justin Bieshaar
Blog post: http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/elastic-collision/36652/view.html
github libary: https://github.com/jscotty/JavaGameOperator

github: https://github.com/jscotty/ElasticCollision