Scotty’s adventure

  • Spare time project (Closed)
  • Eclipse Luna – Java
  • July 2015 – Spare time

My first java game without libary’s.
While summer break i decided to do some research on java libary’s. I wanted to create one on my own. So I did. I spend some nights doing research in java and playing around with code.
After a while i started to try and create more and more featurs.
I started posting some video’s on my instagram and suprisingly people liked it.

Code / features:
– minimap
– world generator by RGB image
– animator
– lightning
– save/load
– loading
– gamestates
– A* path-finding
– vector and vector operations
– enemy’s
– inventory
– inventory controlling (right click)
– minimap
– player stats
– text fading or falling
– gameloop
– render frame
– melee and shooting
– Animations

Process: spare time , around 3 months.
Art and programming: Justin Scott Bieshaar
Blog post:
github libary: