The Bridge

  • Project medialab
  • Unity3D C#
  • June 2015 

My first game with Neurosky
We decided to create a game with neurosky mind wave technology where the player has to concentrate to keep their play-field big. If the attention meter is under 50% the background will turn black. This causes a smaller play-field.

Code / Game features:
(I was responsible for)
– Attack
– Enemy’s (3 different types with different powers)
– Randomly enemy death animation (falling off the bridge or staying)
– Background color changing
– Xbox controllers
– Neurosky integration
– Local Highscore

Process: 3 weeks
Programmer: Justin Bieshaar, Floris de Haan
Art: Nick Schaatsbergen, Noel Karremans, Mischa Rijkse

Play test at vijfD: