Java 3D (WIP)

  • Spare time OpenGL project
  • Eclipse Luna – Java
  • Spare time

This is my first made 3D system
While my internship at GamePoint, I started to focus on 3D in my spare time. First I started to research how 3D systems work, watching videos and reading posts on 3d forums section, studying OpenGL and Shaders.

Currently I have managed to create a 3D terrain with multiple texturing and heights using a blend and heightmap, rendering .obj files created with blender, realtime day night cycle, scene managment, and using shaders with GLSL java.

Code / features:
– Realtime day/night cycle
– Reading .obj files
– Rendering .obj
– Water rendering
– Standard shaders
– Water shaders
– Normal shaders
– Terrain generation by blend and heightmap
– Camera moving behaviour
– Lights
– Terrain collision

WIP (Willing to do)
– Object collision
– Animations
– Particles
– Shadows
– UI / HUD

For this project I am using: OpenGL, LWJGL and GLSL.

Process: spare time
Programming: Justin Scott Bieshaar