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Hello reader!
Welcome back on my blog! I’ts been a while I wrote something on my blog.
2020 is a crazy year already with everything going on. But despite all the craziness the past few months have been full with achievements and events. In this post I like to share the highlights with you.

“It may seem so easy to take it easy but, it is never so easy to take it easy.”

I took a step back from writing on my blog to reduce some pressure I put on myself. I was too focused on work and wanting to make and build so many things at once, I forgot to think about myself sometimes. I kept trying to convince myself to take it easy. But when taking it easy becomes hard, take a step back. ?


While I took a step back I started to focus more and more on my Instagram content. It felt much easier to write daily/weekly about things happening around me and things playing around in my head. It allowed me to train on creating consistent content, resulting in great feedback helping me grow a lot.

Instagram also helped me getting out of my comfort zone. If you would ask me six months ago to post a selfie on my profile. My answer would be a clear no. I felt very uncomfortable by doing so and felt like my appearance wouldn’t be “fun” to watch.
Until March I started to come up with more content featuring me too. Leading to one of my personal achievements, posting a selfie on my Instagram page in June!

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Think about performance? We all make mistakes with the performance of our applications. I see people with most experience making common mistakes causing performance issues and it is totally fine! But it is important to keep training yourself finding performance flaws in your project. Most often it is just a habit slipt through your daily developing seeing no harm with what you doing. But it happens quite often that after a while, you notice you were doing it all wrong the whole time! To tackle this there are a few tips: – ??????? ???? ???? ?? ????. Profile your app once a month to see if there are any unexpected spikes. – ???? ??????? ???? ??? ????????? ?? ?????? ??? ???? ??. Often a framework or engine releases updates with notes. If there is a note fixing an issue someone else had, maybe you should try it to improve your app too! You will frequently find issues you didn't knew you had. – ???? ??????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????. Loop through it and ask yourself if the flow of the code is logical to you. If it is not? It will probably also not be for the compiler ? it is time to do some good'ol refactoring. In the end it is no problem, as long as everything works smooth it is all fine. We can't follow the rules and each pipe line narrowly. But it is good to keep an eye on it from time to time ? Happy coding everyone! ?‍? . . . #gamedev #gamedeveloper #gamedevelopment #gamedevelopers #gameprogramming #gameprogrammer #programmer #programming #programmingisfun #programmerlife #programminglife #coding #codes #codingisfun #code #coder #codinglife #coderlife #codelife #codingdays #softwareengineer #computerscience #worldcode #html5 #developer #utility #devtip #gamedevtips #performance #optimize

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It took a few months to become comfortable and the results were great. I never expected to receive this much attention and were totally surprised people were happy to see the face of the content. This encourage me more to become more personal.

Besides sharing my knowledge in field of game development I also started to share my stories and things I learned through the past nine years of developing. I talk more and more about my experiences and am so happy to read many people find these stories very motivational and inspirational! That’s something I never expected to happen in this kind of level.

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. "??????? ???? ?? ???? ?? ????. ??????? ???? ?? ?? ??????." Today it's 9 years ago I broke my knee by accident with gymnastics. Something I never could think of happened and my whole life felt down.. That time gymnastics was my most desirable passion and couldn't think of a life without it. While being in the hospital I got my hands on a laptop for the first time for a longer period. (At that time we used to share one family PC and could game a hour per day. So, I liked to play RuneScape!) Being in the hospital I got curious on how RuneScape was made and figured which was back then an active community for private server developers. I got my hands on a source code for creating my own private server! Thanks for the help by some amazing people on that forum! I still had no idea I was writing code. I was using notepad and a .bat Java compiler copy pasting everything. ? Being very frustrated if I made a mistake and only could do ??? crtl-z! (Just imagine the struggle. ?) But I had no to tell me about other IDE's. But because of gymnastics I learned to fall down and get back up. So I did the same with writing code. Never making the same mistake twice and keep on trying till it works! Not stopping until you made it! Fast forwarded this made me decide to go to college to get a degree in Game Development. Because of the though road I had to go through with years of recovering and processing the trauma.. I got determent to become a game developer one day! ?‍? I feel like I could write a book about the journey I had to take to get where I am right now. So words are getting short here. But for everyone and especially those who are struggling, I would love to bring a message. Never give up and keep on trying! Each time you fall you will get stronger even though it doesn't feel like it! Get back up and try again stronger! ? . . . #gamedev #gamedeveloper #gamedevelopment #gamedevelopers #gameprogramming #gameprogrammer #programmer #programming #programmingisfun #programmerlife #programminglife #coder #codinglife #coderlife #softwaredeveloper #computerscience #worldcode #programmers

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The big achievement.

July 27th marks a special day to me. It’s the day I reached 10 000 followers which is a surreal number to me. I am still speechless about this achievement and am still very shy about it. It feels great to have build this amazing community and seeing the amount of people I can reach by showing the amazing world of Game Development!

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What a way to start the week! ? Today I've hit 10 000 followers! An achievement I never imagined reaching! I am very thankful for everyone who follows me, messages me, comments and likes my content! I remember very well reaching 1000 followers 3 years ago. At that time I was very surprised and amazed by the reach I gained after starting my professionally career. I never ever thought reaching 10 000 was even possible for me. I've always been very critical about my posts and didn't really think people wanted to know my thoughts. Because of you all I pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone and started to write my thoughts and experiences! Being very scared of negativity, the opposite happened. The reactions I received always have been heartwarming and thankful! All your positivity are motivating me every day! Thank you very much for that! ? For all those being critical and scared sharing posts, just try it! Get out of your comfort zone. Don't try do it only for the reach, as long as you keep it real and stay humble. The reach will get to you too! ? I love sharing my knowledge with you all and hope I can keep motivating and inspiring you all like you motivate and inspire me! ❤️ Happy coding everyone! ?‍? . . #gamedev #gamedeveloper #gamedevelopment #gamedevelopers #gameprogramming #gameprogrammer #programmer #programming #programmingisfun #programmerlife #programminglife #indiedev #coding #codes #codingisfun #code #coder #codinglife #coderlife #codelife #codingdays #thedevlife #computerscience #worldcode #html5 #developer #milestone #achievement #10k #thankful

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What’s my goal with my Instagram content?

Through the past few months I noticed sharing my stories inspires a lot of people. This made me realise I could be a person I wished I knew when I was studying. When I studied I didn’t know anyone who’s in the field of programming sharing their stories. If I just knew some ins and outs and sacrifices that were made it would’ve gave me that extra push.

Besides inspiring and motivating I also keep using my Instagram to keep awareness of the amazing field of Game Development by sharing my work and industry standard tips/tricks!


When my Instagram started to grow more, GameDev.TV reached out to me with an invitation for their podcast. I felt very honoured for this opportunity and accepted the invitation.

GameDev.TV is an online game development courses platform. They have a big platform with a lot of great courses to help you learn about game development. This made me very honoured to be part of it and share my story with them and their students.

You can listen to my full story in the podcast below. You can listen and watch on YouTube, or you can listen at any of your favourite podcast platforms!


In my last blog post I wrote a story/tutorial about developing a game for my WearOS using my TicWatchPro smart watch (Wear OS Game Development). Mobvoi the owner of TicWatch products contacted me if I wanted to be part of their new blog series where user share their stories with their products. I felt very honoured to share my story with them and did not hesitate to partner up!

I happened to be the lucky first person to share his story claiming the Episode 1! Never expected this to happen when I bought my TicWatchPro that the owner would contact me to collaborate! Showing once again how fun life can be when you put hard work in. It will always pay off!

The full story can be read here on Mobvoi website!


During the past few months some great personal achievements have been taking place at work! Lots of achievements which happens are still under NDA so can not share about everything, but there is some what I can share! So, did we release two new games on both app and play story where I had full responsibility of development.

The games are CardParty and WordTornado. Two popular web games from website ported to mobile!


CardParty was the first game we ported. It’s a fun card game and has the same rules as an old card game named Skip-Bo. It’s a solitaire-like card game which you play comparatively against other real players!

This game was a lot of fun to develop. It brought a lot of challenges with it because the game was initially designed for web purpose. So, we had to come up with new implementations for mobile!
Luckily because of the web version we already had the server messages, but all features on client had to be rewritten. But this was a lot of fun too, to come up with new systems to make further development much more easier!

After the release of CardParty it turned out to be a success! There are thousands of daily users online and already over 100 000 installs in a few months!
While porting CardParty we figured we could also port another popular game from GamePoint’s portfolio.


Play Wordtornado • GamePoint

WordTornado is a very fun word board game! It’s similar to famous board game named Scrabble! This game makes me go back to my roots. Because my grandmother loves to play scrabble! I learned many dutch words by playing scrabble with my grandmother, and now I can play against her on our phone and tablets!

WordTornado was very challenging. Fitting a full board game on mobile phone adds a lot of complexities! So did we implement zoom in/out functionalities to optimise the readability and accessibility of the play-field! It’s lots of fun to see our WordTornado web fans now also playing on their phones and tablets!

It feels great to work on these games and think of new systems! The success of the games lead to having an awesome new team with a few new team members. Love it to share the passion and debate technology and improvements for these games everyday at work!

Dream motorcycle

In April my childhood dream came true. I bought my dream motorcycle. I still pinch myself every morning to check if I am not dreaming. This motorcycle is a my most proudest possession. There’s 10 years of money savings put in this bike, dreaming to one day achieve it. All the sacrifices I took to reach it to this moments were totally worth it.

I worked hard for years on a beach restaurant frying fries even though still recovering from my knee injury. It was a lot of sweat and tears, but I kept dreaming to own this amazing Kawasaki Ninja! ?

The bike is a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. A 636cc motorcycle with 132hp on 180kg making it a true beast. I don’t think I will ever push it’s limits. But the fact of having so much power underneath me, makes me feel great!

Wrap up

This was it for this blog post!
A lot happened through the past months, but I hope you enjoyed reading some of the highlights! If you like to stay updated, feel free to follow me on Instagram @justinbieshaar.

Hope to see you soon on a new blog post!

Happy coding everyone! ?‍?

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