Missile Command – Recap + Challenge!

Welcome to recap of Missile Command series which took part in my design patterns series!

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Past 6 episodes we have been covering Factory, ECS, State, Mediator and Observer design patterns!
Throughout the explanations of each pattern, we also develop a small game based on iconic Atari game; Missile Command!

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Mediator pattern

Mediator pattern

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State Pattern

State Pattern

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ECS Pattern

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Factory Pattern

Factory Pattern

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We managed to make this fun small game where we can destroy missiles by shooting explosive bullets. But what’s not visible to our players, is that we also managed to make a clean and scalable source code to easily iterate this game furter!


  • Turrets and missiles are generated by factories
  • We cleaned up our missile behaviour and added turret barrels following our mouse position using ECS (Entity Component System) pattern
  • Made a menu and play scene using states. In order to navigate we added buttons which also has states.
  • Added bullets shooting from the turret barrel. We cleaned up the chaos we discovered in our play state by creating missile, turret and bullet mediators.
  • Added collision by creating observers for the mediators to handle!


To become a game developer you must keep challenging yourself. That’s why I think this is a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself using a little foundation.
As you can see after the last episode (Observer Pattern), the game is far from finished!
But that’s a great challenge for you!

I would like to challenge you to make the game more challenging. Try creating a helicopter entity which fires missiles just like in the real Atari and create a level system.
You can choose any programming language or tool you’d like! But if you like to use my project as your base foundation, feel free to download it from this GitHub link.



To help you a little bit, I already added a scoring and game over logic to the project. 😊
Download the jar and let me know your high score!

I hope you enjoyed following this series!

Take the time to challenge yourself, and if you did, let me know!

If any questions, feel free to message me on Instagram @justinbieshaar or in comments below!

Happy coding everyone! 👨‍💻

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