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I’d like to welcome you all to my very first blog post!
You might know me from Instagram, or came across this post in any other way. So here a small introduction of who I am.

My name is Justin Scott Bieshaar (also known as JScotty), currently 21 years old writing this post.
I am game developer, working at GamePoint in the Hague.

My curiosity for programming started when I was 15. I broke my knee in 2011 by accident when practicing for gymnastics.When I was in the hospital, I started to research how ‘Runescape’ was made. I found the source code from private servers and started to play with the code. I have been passionated about making games ever since.
I have completed a associated degree in game development at Mediacollege Amsterdam in July 2017.

I am willing to post tips & tricks about how to program games, give small tutorials, give insights of being a game developer and many more interesting game development related topics!

Hope you will enjoy it 

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